Chiropractic Adjustment at Alabama Chiropractic Spine & Joint Clinic

When you’re struggling with upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain or some other debilitating symptom, you want nothing more than for your body to simply heal itself, instead of having to subject it to such extreme measures as major invasive surgery. Fortunately, your body can indeed heal itself through its own natural processes. Sometimes all it needs is a gentle nudge in the right direction — and that’s exactly what we offer through the chiropractic adjustments we perform at Alabama Chiropractic Spine & Joint Clinic.

A Natural Approach to Upper Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, and Many Other Ailments

Many kinds of injury and illnesses can be traced to the spine and its alignment. Your brain relays all of its instructions through the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots to the many lesser nerves that serve the body. Since the spinal cord and nerve roots are surrounded by vertebral bones, joints and discs, even a slight misalignment (subluxation) can interfere drastically with your body’s internal communications. Impingement of this nerve tissue can cause everything from neurological upper back pain and lower back pain to extremity symptoms and even systemic health problems. Spinal misalignment can also unbalance your body to the extent that you suffer from muscle strain, joint stiffness, and frequent injuries.

Chiropractic adjustment can resolve these imbalances safely and naturally, with no need for surgical intervention. The precise application of high velocity, short lever thrust can shift a joint’s internal components back into alignment. These small changes can bring big benefits. Chiropractic care has demonstrated its usefulness in the treatment of acute injuries, chronic sciatica, headaches, migraines, and health issues ranging from infertility to digestive disorders.

  • Diversified
  • Thompson Drop Table
  • Flexion/Distraction Technique
  • Various Forms of Soft Tissue Manipulation

Your Chiropractic Adjustment Session

There’s nothing to fear from chiropractic adjustments at Alabama Chiropractic Spine & Joint Clinic. Our Florence chiropractor, Dr. Carroll, will begin your first appointment by performing all the usual medical intake procedures, from discussing your symptoms and medical history to taking your vital signs. X-rays may be in order to help us view the specific subluxation behind your distress. You may then be asked to sit or lie down on our treatment table while the adjustments are made. If you hear a “pop” or “crack,” don’t panic; you’re merely heating the sound of gases escaping from the joint. In most cases, the best long-term results come from a series of chiropractic adjustment sessions.

Schedule Chiropractic Adjustment at Our Florence Clinic

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