Intersegmental traction chiropractic therapy helps to increase your mobility and improve your balance and strength by stretching your back ligaments and muscles by reestablishing your spine’s range of motion. This relaxing therapy is done through the use of an intersegmental traction table, also known as a Spinalator Table. The electronic dual roller is set into the table and moves up and down the muscles on both sides of your spine to gently mobilize your spinal column and stretch your back muscles and spinal joints. Intersegmental traction chiropractic therapy can be used to:

  • Reduce back pain, muscle spasms, and spinal subluxations
  • Improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to various parts of your spine (discs, ligaments, and back muscles)
  • Promote muscle relaxation and comfort

This type of chiropractic therapy has also been proven to quicken the recovery period for back injuries and those suffering from back pain caused by trauma, stress, or age. This machine works wonders in relaxing your body and is often used alongside other chiropractic therapies.

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